Saturday, January 19, 2002

Almost finished! The work is now 15 minutes long and with an 8 hour rehearsal tomorrow I am hoping we can squeeze out another 5 minutes. 25 minutes would be an ideal length but at this stage I’ll settle for 20. Phil Harle who took some great publicity photos for the brochure attended rehearsal today & took some more pics of Sus & I dancing in is worth checking these out on his website

It was a day filled with some doubt about the movement. Getting frustrated with really trying to get the choreographed material inside the body and realising that the piece still needs a bit of an emotional edge—how to fill this gap with a precise movement phrase?

Dancing in costumes today also raised the issue of their dresses with huge slits up the sides—I felt a bit over-exposed in terms of the amount of flesh on display-- especially after rehearsing up until now in the usual baggy layers of dance wear. I could use crossed fingers for tomorrow.....until then.


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