Friday, April 28, 2006

I was dancing in La Pedrera last week in preaparation for my performance there on the 2nd of July. Here are some images...


Anonymous Dorothy Scharer said...

Return to the mind of God. Go all the way back to the mind of the creator, to our source.
Our skin separates us from outside our skin. We are individuals, precious and amazing humans. No other creature has such choices. Our hearts beat to keep us alive but also are the seat of ourselves, our depth, our passions, our will. Our will needs guidance because of the competing words and situations. Our hearts grow soft or hard. Our biochemistry dictates to us. Our eternal spirits long for more. Our hearts and spirits long for a return home, for joy, for love, for dance with God.
I dance through the grove of trees to feel the air, hear the leaves, laugh with joy at the beauty. I have such joy because of God who lets me dance in my heart so my mind does not have total jurisdiction. I dance with joy as my heart beats with the heart of God. I love deeply those around me as God’s heart beat of love pounds out a gentle current of his Spirit from him to me to them. I live with and love the storms inside me and outside me because they bring variant melodies to the dance and do amazing work in me. The alcoholic husband, the laboratory work, the conversations at the jail, the precious friends, the heart of God. All for the heart of God and in his beauty. All for him and in him and because of him. He made me so I could be like him and washed me with his blood of life so I would be free to feel all this radiant dance of my life. I am in awe of the inside me and the outside me and the eternal me. Dorothy

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