Monday, October 09, 2006

Have just found a quote which I really like...from Shinichi Lova-Koga, butoh practitioner and founder of the company inkBoat. Here's the quote:

"Each motion or action should contain physical or psychological risk. Only a dance on the edge of control reveals the honest life."

This quote comes from his advertisement/synopsis written about Lova-Koga's upcoming workshop in London. November 18 & 19 2006 at Chisenhale Dance Space -- book through
I've not worked with him before but after reading this I am tempted.

Another fantastic butoh teacher is coming to London: Atsushi Takenouchi. His workshop is taking place from 18-21 October at Chisenhale Dance Space -- bookings also through butohuk. His work is sensitive... listening to what each moment has to offer in the practice of moving.

In other news, I submitted my PhD last reason why the site has been so quiet. I'll work to change that in weeks to come!