Saturday, May 12, 2007

So, recovered from the PhD viva and whilst in the midst of writing up my revisions I’ve been busy with a couple other interesting projects. The first, a workshop I did in collaboration with a fine art teacher at an East London school. I came, danced and taught a short movement phrase to the students. Half of the students then captured the movement in their drawings whilst it was being danced. Below are a couple pictures from the day and a selection of the amazing illustrations of dance movement they produced!

The second little project was a workshop that I gave to a group of teachers and artists (part of the TAP International Symposium held last month) from Spain, Portugal, Italy and the UK on movement, space and place. We worked on the grounds at Roehampton University on a beautiful sunny day. I was interested again in looking at the process of how space becomes place for an individual through movement in the space. I intend to make another piece of site-specific work this summer so the experiences gained on this day will inform that process. Here are some video stills of the day below: