Wednesday, February 06, 2002

Lots of progression as of late: chucked and created a new ending, revised the waltz bit to “A Child is Born” which was causing Sus & I much grief as we discovered that whole section was about being technically beautiful and was principally against the crux of the dance. So, we changed it to have a hard edge, repetitive and full of energy—works better, still needs more work (and only 3 rehearsals left!).

Yesterday & Sunday were both highly productive days.....recorded the sound here at the house. Everyone who came along to do the job was well geared up for it & did super jobs! Each person had a script devised from the Xenophobe’s guides to the Swedish & Americans and read aloud in turn....(mucho thanks to Phil, Iain, Ed, Carrie, Jim, Fran, Geoff, Matt & understudy Chrish...) The readings became much more natural sounding after the wine started flowing a bit...
Yesterday was spent with Sus and her friend Mikkel (very talented sound guy) who used a cool computer programme called ProTools to cut & splice, overlay and repeat voices. So even though the CD writer decided to conk out at the end of the day – we did manage to mix some terrific stuff to use during performance.

The countdown begins...1 week today!


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