Friday, December 27, 2002


On Thursday the 30th of January and on the 13th & 14th of February 2003 I am offering lab/workshop sessions at a studio in North London. I am looking for approximately six individuals who would be interested in participating and working to develop the following ideas in a practical context:

· REACTION. Reactions that occur naturally in the body as a result of internal / external stimuli.

· REPLICATON. Exploration of non-verbal communication cues. Looking specifically at the duplication and manipulation of:
1. Facial expression (real vs. false)
2. Gesture (spontaneous)
3. Posture (stillness)
4. Proximity (dancers/observer)
5. Gaze (why it is where it is, where it stops and starts)
6. Breath (to influence/give texture to movement)

· REPETITION. How movements that are repeated for an extended length of time enable meanings or interpretations of the movement to change and evolve. How the mind effects the movement and the movement affects the mind. If one movement is performed consecutively over and over how does the meaning change for the performer? How is the quality of the movement effected?

· READINESS. Working within a group to recognise impulses that trigger movement. Working to move as a unit without traditional cues such as sound.

You should be available to work all three days from 10.00 am until 6.00 pm. Participation in the workshops will not be paid, but the experience should be a valuable one. Please express your interest no later than Friday 17th January 2003 by forwarding a short bio or CV and a cover letter outlining why you would like to participate to my hotmail account:


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