Monday, May 13, 2002

Trying to go and see one dance performance a week, to keep up on what’s happening in the contemporary dance scene in London, who gets funded for what, trends in choreography etc. Last week I visited the Clore Studio Upstairs at the Royal Opera House to see Cathy Seago & Dancers and Maresa von Stockert & Tilted Co. Firstly, I must say what a fantastic venue! Huge stage, bleacher style seats, and an air of grandeur. Secondly, if you get the chance go see Maresa von Stockert & Tilted Co.’s work! Although narrative based, it is very engaging and clever. The four male dancers in her current work Like Nobody’s Business spun round on office chairs, did amazing lifts between each other and made you laugh with deadpan humour and precision of repeative movements. This week I plan to see Lisa Torun @ The Place.


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