Thursday, February 14, 2002

Congratulations to April and Sus. The hard work paid off. It looked damn good from where I was standing in the booth, concentrating like hell on not screwing up with the music cues! God know what it must be like concentrating on doing the actual performance right.

From my end, I’d like to say cheers to all the City clique who did the readings — hope you like what was made from your artistic efforts. Just cos we don’t wear those slip–on trainers (except Chrish) doesn’t mean we ain’t got it goin’ on. And cheers to you all for showing up to support April. Much appreciated. While April’s busy drinking coffee and soul–searching, we’re all back in the office. Another day, another dollar.

Finally, while I loved what Mikkel did with the spoken word tapes — nice to see the idea going from interesting concept into concrete reality — even that was surpassed by his performance last night in possibly the greatest “My Way” duet ever heard in that karaoke place.


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