Friday, June 27, 2003

Latest news…working on a new solo. It’s a process that is very different to that of working with other dancers – going into the studio alone and watching my mind distract itself. Had a minor breakthrough last week though when I was fortunate enough to have some friends and fellow artists come and take a look at what I had been up to…this was very useful since I tend not to work with video. In the process of movement creation I try to go with intention and how deeply you can believe in a movement, as opposed to how it looks aesthetically.

Very inspired lately by the work of Sankai Juku, a modern butoh company that recently performed at Sadler’s Wells, London. It was a fantastic performance, nearly had me in tears. As a result, I’ve decided to go to Germany for a couple weeks in August to take an intensive workshop in butoh/contemporary dance. It should be an incredible learning experience.

Besides working on my own body in preparation for this solo (hopefully to be performed before the end of the year) I am also performing in a work for Fran Barbe from the 25th – 27th September at Jacksons Lane. Everyone who reads this should go. It is a work that integrates contemporary dance, butoh and principles of Tadashi Suzuki’s actor training method. It is visually and physically intense work and mentally challenging as well. Take a look!


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