Tuesday, February 04, 2003

The workshop on the 30th of January went well, but not as I expected. There was an interesting mix of participants, from a range of artistic backgrounds. We had a painter, an installation artist, an actor, and of course, dancers. It was interesting to see the way that people worked with their own bodies. Although the work was non-technical in a dance sense, it was physical work. Participants paired up and talked at each other simultaneously about what it was like to have their own body, what its quirks were, what it’s injuries were, what its strengths and weaknesses were and how it was unique. We broke this down into two sequences: a facial expression sequence and a gestural sequence. I found the facial expression sequence most interesting, with the bodies held rigid, the slight turn of the gaze told so much! I had hoped that the group would open more towards each other but it is impossible to force trust. This is why continuity in working with people is so important. Allowing yourself to be seen – as you dare!

This group and I will have 2 more solid days of working together on the 13th & 14th of February. I want to focus more on the subtleties of meanings that come out of peoples’ interpretations of movement and how the smallest lapse in concentration or attention to the moment, shows itself on the face. I want to take these revealing moments and cultivate them into happening spontaneously in performance…..always searching for how to see the person…


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