Friday, January 07, 2005

Right! The new year’s resolutions have begun…to write once a week on this site so it doesn’t go to the dogs!
Since my last entry I’ve performed my beloved “chicken dance” in Helsinki at a conference called ‘Ethics and Politics Embodied in Dance’. It was a good experience. There was a large representation of dance academics from the good ‘ol U.S. of A. there and after the initial shock I was shouting in the foyer with the best of ‘em! Dismantle Map received mixed responses. I’d like to think that the more cultured, intelligent people got on with it and those less refined spent the post-performance discussion period analysing it’s choreographic structure! Hello! This is not Choreography 101—I don’t need to justify my every move to you!!
There really was no bitterness on my part. You know me, I roll with the punches! Or rather I provoke the punches…maybe I’d just like to think I provoke punches when in fact I’m not a hell-raiser at all. Oh dear.
Chris’ (my PhD supervisor) advice about the solo just keeps popping into my head. He says, “More Insanity!” What a great supervisor! Iain thinks I don’t need any encouragement in this department but I think I’ve got to listen to that crazy little voice. No, not that crazy little voice – the other one! Too many voices, not enough head space.
See, if I keep my new year’s resolution I’m afraid that all my postings will deteriorate into rubbish like this one.
Anyway most of my time now will be doing masses of reports for my students at Roehampton and attempting to write an article for publication. I’m calling it ‘Towards Intersubjectivities in Contemporary Dance Choreography’. Maybe I’ll stick it on the site when I finish it…
Until next week!


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