Saturday, March 06, 2004

Thoughts on intention…walking down the street you can spot the person who is just about to make an abrupt 180 degree turn right in front of you without looking or the driver that’s just about to turn their car towards you despite signalling that they are going the other way. Reading the intention of others through movement – I do it all the time. In dance it is these visible thought processes of shifts in intentionality that I find most interesting to experience. If I can watch an active decision making process within movement I at least get a glimpse of the person as individual. Observing shifts in attention between intentions is my latest intrigue when it comes to contemporary dance.

This idea is now seeping its way into the solo I am creating to be performed on the 10th of June at Trinity Arts Centre in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. I’ve also made some applications to some London venues and will keep you posted about future dates.


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