Saturday, January 22, 2005

The weeks are flying – don’t know if I’m going to be able to stick to this resolution. My only news in terms of my dancing life is that I’ve recently been criticised on the delivery of my technique class (that it is too unorthodox in format)! Shall we as dancers continue to accept the totally archaic format of standing in lines to do repetitive warm-up exercises (i.e. non-expressive foot and arms flailing), followed by travelling (age-old triplets or my personal favourite: “Run, run, leap!”) on a diagonal across the floor, then doing some centre work and culminating in a cool-down. BORING! Are we that unadventurous? I must admit I was discouraged by the criticism, but hey, what can I do, apart from open my own school: ‘Dance for the Rebellious’ or ‘Alternative Wierdness for Those Who Dare Dance’…I digress, again.
It’s been a long weekend already. My cloudy post-Friday night head is just clearing but I’ve still managed to pump out fifteen dance feedback reports for my students. I’ll be starting back teaching on the 10th of February. I do love teaching...
More next week!

Over and out!


Blogger April said...

This is an email I received yesterday from one of my mature students, Michael Kohler, who is also a teacher in his home country of Germany. With his permission I decided to publish (below) what he wrote in response to this posting:

“I just had a look at your homepage and really enjoyed it. What really annoyed me, however, was the negative feedback you got on your technique class. For me it was the extreme opposite. I really enjoyed that class, actually I think it gave me very much inspiration, not only for my own technique, but also for my teaching methods.

I like the difference in your approach: It's the question of the main issue that is taught - or rather learnt, because there is a difference between teaching and learning. Even though, the other teachers might not agree, I think their classes are mainly about conformity (standing in rows) and copying (trying to achieve a given form, imitation).

Your class was about individuality and the idea behind the form. The movement was related to the inside and to the experience in the body; it was not just a given form that had to be imitated.

As far as I understand it technique is more than just copying: it is about improving your personal style, way of movement, etc . In all my other technique classes, I feel like trying to catch up with the material, the steps. I am always in a rush, I never get the chance to really concentrate on the movement of my body. In your class the movement, not the steps has been central from the very first session. And that was what I really appreciated in your course.”

It is so fantastic when you realise that someone understands what you are trying to do!!

6:14 PM  
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